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WNAG Meeting Summaries

September 26, 2004 Laramie

In attendance: StarBrand, Wyoming Weasel & wife, The Perkys (dad and daughter), CKMAY, WVMTNMAN

  • Discussed legal cache areas (lands) - ROW roads and private property

  • disscussed ongoing talks with Wyoming Parks and Rec - need for talks with other agencies

  • Discussed proper preparation for Winter Caching

  • Discussed upcoming article in Laramie Boomerang on Geocaching featuring StarBrand and the Perkys.

  • StarBrand suggested amending Bylaws to remove 2 officers due to smaller than anticipated size of group and low attendance at meetings - some discussion - all in favor - will wait to vote.

  • Discussed attendance at meetings and importance of early December meeting.

  •  Talked about changes in Virtual caches - all but gone

  • talked about Buxleys map and how we could help bring them back

  • discussed cache approval process

  • Gave away fully stocked cache to the Perkys and empty ammo can to WVMTNMAN - both promised to place new cache within 10 days.

  • Announced cache challenge to plkace 5 new caches in most large area cities to help attract new cachers to club

  • discussed logo use on GC pages

  • Praise for Nebraskache in help with group and Yellow Jeep TB's

  • Talk about website features

June 6, 2004 Scottsbluff

In attendance: kb0wyt, Team StarBrand, Wyoming Weasel & wife, Taylor Bug (family group), Les Cache Team and ??? (no username)

  • Discussed new area caches

  • Discussed cache containers

  • Asked if anybody had concerns about bylaws - none

  • Discussed cache placement rules and Geocaching approval rules

  • talked about possible summer Oregon Trail event - Les Cache team volunteered to help

  • More discussion on getting addtional members

  • Talked about Logo and web site

    • Weasel suggested change to Logo - Incorrect wording

    • All were in agreement on Logo

  • Discussed Nebraskache relationship

  • Kb0WYT talked about upcoming cache items web store

  • Discussed possible locations for next meeting (Douglas or Lusk)

May 8, 2004 Cheyenne

In attendance: kb0wyt; morningstar3d, Team Starbrand (wife); Archuka; 3/4 Irish and wife, Wyoming Weasel

  • Discussed merits of forming a group. Voice vote to form group - unanimous

  • Brief discussion of Bylaws - Voice vote - no changes - unanimous

  • Voice vote to approve bylaws - unanimous

  • Discussion of boundary map. Decided to extend the boundary to go east to North Platte and west to include Saratoga but not Casper - voice vote  to change map - unanimous - see map page for new map

  • Discuss officers - need more members to elect formal officers. Need more meetings to recruit members.

  • Discussion on planting caches and summer caching

  • Discussed hosting and planning meetings.

  • Discussion on summer Oregon Trail Cache run. Members liked the idea. Members will volunteer to help out with expenses and planning at future meetings. Voice vote for WNAG to sponsor an Oregon Trail Cache run. passed unanimous. Cache run will consist of planting new caches and placing tokens in existing caches. Players will start from either Douglas, WY or Ogallala, NE and collect 6 tokens to attend evening bar-b-que in Scottsbluff. Historical and cache information to be available for participants.

  • General caching discussion

  • Next meeting in late May or early June in Scottsbluff to recruit more members - also late June meeting in Douglas for membership - elect officers at that time. - Voice vote - unanimous.

  • End of meeting




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